The Cement industry is a capital-intensive, high fixed cost proposition. The capital cost of a new Greenfield project could be about 3-5 years of revenue. On the demand side, the cement industry in India faces an oversupply scenario and is prone to high demand variability across months and across regions. This is so, since, cement consumption is impacted by several macro-economic factors like the monsoon, industrial growth, savings rate, interest rate, governmental policies etc.

The cement industry is teeming with competitors, the pie is getting smaller, big fish are eating the smaller ones, and there is no place for players who aren’t ready to innovate, change and look at the current economic downturn as an opportunity. The future looks good – it is the present that needs attention. The only way an organization can survive this turmoil is by adopting the right approach. This is the challenge most CEOs of well-run cement companies in India are facing today.

When companies go through testing times due to a market slowdown, the morale and energy levels of employees go down more than proportionally. Whereas, this also happens to be the time when these are needed the most, to exploit improvement and cost reduction opportunities.

Fortunately, there are leaders who convert this threat into an opportunity and drive the organization to the next level of operational excellence. For such leaders, there is never a dearth of approaches.


  • Volatile Commodity Market.
  • Utilizing Maximum plant efficiency.
  • Faster time to market and Delivery.
  • Higher Energy Consumption.
  • Competition for shelf space.
  • Unplanned downtime of process and equipment was very high.
  • Higher Level of Solid Wastes in the Operation process.
  • High demand variability across months.
  • Shortage of Skilled Manpower in Operation Process such as Engineering and Production.


  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs and document your performance.
  • Take faster and more accurate business decisions based on manufacturing information.
  • Make goal-oriented decisions to meet your production targets.
  • Enhance your material balancing and production reporting processes.
  • Improve performance by using intelligent solutions for complex problems.
  • Arrelic optimization solutions will help you achieve minimum quality fluctuations at the highest production rate.
  • With the process stabilized through all operating regions, unseen level of energy efficiency and production will be reached.
  • Reduce electrical and thermal energy cost by including consumption and market constraints in your optimization strategies.
  • Tap the vast experience of Arrelic Process consultants.
  • With deployment of peripheral applications related to productivity improvement vastly increases the amount of data available to improve productivity in the plant.

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