The mining industry has always been at the mercy of many different forces impacting the way in which mining companies operate. Commodity prices, labour costs, consumables, and diminishing ore grades all impact the bottom line. Safety and sustainability requirements require that mining companies operate in certain ways in order to protect their people, community and planet. The weather can also affect operations, making it more difficult to get a product from the mine to the final customer. Even unforeseen geological conditions can influence a mine’s viability.

Yet through all of this, some mining companies continue to operate safely, sustainably and profitably. How can these mining companies continue to succeed while others have to fight for their very existence? The answer doesn’t necessarily depend on the product they produce or the size of the company, it lies in the fact that successful mining companies have embarked on a mission to achieve Operational Excellence.


A basic requirement for mining operations is to track materials as they move through the value chain; plan and schedule future activities; improve asset availability and utilisation and increase asset effectiveness.

The mining industry is experiencing unprecedented change. To be successful, companies need to remain nimble and creative, yet focused on their goals. As mining companies move through the mining asset life cycle, they encounter different challenges to maintaining.


  • Increase output

    Improve asset reliability and availability, and eliminate downtime.

  • Manage Risk

    Better control the internal and external factors that cause unscheduled downtime.

  • Reduce Cost

    Standardize and streamline processes to decrease operating expenses.

  • Improve working capital

    Improve analysis of investment decisions and increase return on capital employed

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