This Industry deals with medicines and drugs. The work of these Industries is to do research, discover n manufacture medicines. The manufacturing these medicines should be made in intensive care as it is for the remedy purpose.

It is a profitable industry because we can never think of a disease-free world. Production should always be done taking care of the basic safety measures so that it won’t backfire to the patient using the products.


The challenges faced by the Pharmaceutical Industry are as follows:

  • Growing customer expectations: The commercial environment is getting tougher, as patients impose new cost constraints on healthcare providers and scrutinise the value medicines offer much more carefully. They choose new therapies that are clinically and economically better than the existing alternatives, together with hard, real-world outcomes data to back any claims about a medicine’s superiority.
  • Compliance issues and good manufacturing practices: To sustain in a highly competitive market it is always tough to check the quality and compliance of the product. Sometimes it is very difficult to follow the best manufacturing practices.
  • Squeezed Market: Big pharma companies are taking more interest in generic medicine these days giving a tough competition to the generic small companies. Maintenance of aging assets and infrastructure
  • Cost control: To help keep costs in check, regular monitoring of the maintenance budget is one of the most critical activities to perform. Getting quick and easy access to cost reports can be a major challenge for pharma companies.
  • Regulatory: The key regulatory areas for pharma companies are drug approvals, animal welfare groups, environmental groups, annual regulatory fee.
  • Digital Marketing: It is very much tough for pharma companies to switch from traditional marketing practice to digital marketing.


  • Arrelic will help in compliance issue and best manufacturing practices
  • Will help in digital marketing
  • Achieve paperless people, quality and information management.
  • Ensure cost control and yield benefits
  • Performance, OEE and Efficiency for each asset
  • Will help in regulatory clearance

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