Hotel Management

What is a hotel management system?

A hotel management software is an all-inclusive system which simplifies the end to end of hotel operations such as front office, hotel reservations, billing, housekeeping, payments, and more by automating them. For that reason, this system participates in improving efficiency and grow the revenue of an independent hotel as well as a hotel group. Watch this video which gives you a hotel management system introduction and tells you how it works.

Arrelic Hotel Software Modules :

–  Front Office Management

–  Restaurant Management (POS)

–  Room Service

–  Banquets & Conferencing

–  Purchase & Inventory

–  Food & Beverage Costing

–  HR & Payroll

–  Accounts & Finance

–  and many add-ons

Arrelic Hotel Management System is available in multiple Editions which ranges from Basic to Premium. There is an Edition available for every type and size of the hotel at affordable price points. The Software gives a quick return on investment and is the backbone of Hotel operations.