Intranet Portal

What is intranet portal?

An intranet portal is a private network, built using internet technologies. It's only available to people authorised to use it - usually, employees of your company.

Why implement an intranet solution?

Enhanced productivity, communication, and collaboration

Enables knowledge sharing and access

Enhanced competitiveness like information accessibility and time-to-market

Enhanced infrastructure utilization in the organization

Reduced operational costs

Flattens differences in the organization

Custom intranet portal solution for enterprise


Arrelic’s well-designed and secure intranet portal solution facilitates employees/stakeholders in the organization to communicate, participate and collaborate better while raising productivity and revenues. Intranet eases out all the unnecessary complications that crop up in the complex business processes. We address the problems of bringing your enterprise together regardless of its location or size and offer modular portals that assist you to manage the organizational knowledge and share content as per requirements.

Empower your employees for better collaboration and communication by digitizing your workspace.