Visitor Management System1

Security requirements of modern organizations are challenging and growing increasingly. To manage and track visitors, automated visitor management system is utmost essential. Visitors include customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, competitors, government officers, guests, and sometime completely unknown person. We need to stop some visitors at the reception area, whereas some visitors would be allowed to access specific areas, offices and labs in the building. Furthermore, some visitors are there on a short visit, while others may be there for a longer period, say days or weeks. In addition, the security is expected to keep track of all the visitors and any equipment or material they are carrying. Any lapse can compromise security and safety of the physical, intellectual and human assets of an organization. No wonder managing visitors’ access is challenging for most organizations. A visitor must be pre-registered by the host to save hassle and time during the visit. Matrix COSEC Visitor Access Management is designed to address these concerns in a professional and systematic method without compromising security, hospitality or productivity. COSEC Visitor Management (VMM) is a part of the comprehensive Matrix COSEC Access Control and Time-Attendance suite and runs independently on the COSEC CENTRA. It offers options to create either an e-pass with access rights or a paper pass for a visitor. Security person can create customized visitor pass with visitor name, photograph, organization name, contact details and escort name. Visitor Management also maintain records of materials that the visitor is carrying along with his ID-proof for security purpose. Moreover, it allows enrolling visitor’s fingerprint or RFID Card to provide the visitor with access to selected areas, where he/she is scheduled to go. This prevents protection of valuable assets from snooping. .